The Perrotto Family


Site Directors: Matt and Teri

Matt and Teri were born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and chose to raise their family and build their lives there, until God prompted them to make a change.

They both were involved with missions in college and for a short time after. Once they were married and had children, it was something they put on hold until joining Christ Community Church (CCC) in Omaha in 2010. While attending CCC Matt and Teri became involved with youth ministry and the family enjoyed helping with community outreach.

In 2012 they both started sensing the call to missions from God, and two years later, they left everything and moved to the Dominican Republic for 2-years with Envision. While in the DR, the entire family participated in the many different ministries, which led them to the opportunity to open a new Envision Site in Miami in 2016 where they are currently Site Coordinators.

The Atkinson Family


Site Associates: Adam and Laura

Adam and Laura joined the Envision Miami team in January 2019. Adam grew up in New Jersey and his wife was born in Mexico City and grew up in Bogota, Colombia. They did a two year residency with Envision in the Dominican Republic before being called to Miami. They have two daughters ages 4 and 2. Adam loves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they both enjoy a good game of Catan.

The Medrano Family


Residents: Dan and Jocelyn

Dan and Jocelyn recently moved to the Miami area from Omaha, NE. Dan was born in Queens, NY, grew up in Venice, FL and moved to Nebraska for college on a track scholarship for pole vaulting. He attended Midland University and studied Physical Education. Jocelyn was born to US Air Force parents in Bitburg, Germany and grew up in Omaha after they were stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. Jocelyn went to Midland University for competitive cheerleading and studied Psychology and Youth and Family Ministry.

Dan and Jocelyn felt a tug toward mission work even before marriage but focused on paying off student debt for 4 years after college graduation. Once debt free, they tried their first mission trip ever in the Spring of 2018. They were hooked! They immediately started having conversations with their home church about how to pursue this dream of full-time mission and ministry work. They arrived in Miami in June. 2019 ready for what God has in store.