Miami is viewed as a tropical paradise. However, Miami is a city full of darkness in need of the truth about Jesus Christ. The Alliance (C&MA) has a presence in this area, working to be a light in the darkness.

Out of approximately 3 million in Miami, research shows that only 5-10% associate with Christianity and 60% do not claim any religion. Of the largest metropolitan areas, Miami was reported to have the 2nd highest number of people living at or below the national poverty level. Combining these realities, both physical and spiritual poverty are crippling this city.

At Envision Miami, we strive to mobilize the church, develop missional leaders and transform communities. We collaborate with Latino, Haitian and other multi-ethnic churches and ministries to take the Gospel into the inner-city. Our goal is to multiply disciples. Come help us awaken this forgotten city to the light of Christ.